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HI There,

I am The Amazing Zoomalata. I'm also known as Steven Dickinson, magician and balloon twister out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Ever since I performed my very first magic show in 1979 I've found great joy in bringing amazement, happiness and laughter to others through magic, illusion & balloon twisting, Creating fun for birthday parties and most family events is what it is all about.

36 years ago I performed my first magic show in my back yard for the neighbors kids. But 10 years ago I started the company Zoomalata Magic & Balloons. 10 years is a great marker to celebrate and I want to include you. For those in the Appleton and surrounding areas I will be twisting balloons and performing magic in locations throughout the Fox Cities from now until the end of December. Keep an eye on the schedule in the right column or better yet, sign up for our emails. 

From March to December 2017, I will be giving away free gifts to local businesses like these beautiful balloon flower bouquets.  Cast your vote by emailing

There are more gifts, each month I will be giving away a new gift. It may be instructions on how to perform your own magic tricks. That's right, you can learn to be a magician. Or, one month I may have a special video teaching you how to twist your own cool balloon creation.

So come join in the celebration!

Magically Yours,

​The Amazing Zoomalata

Appleton and Wisconsin Magician, The Amazing Zoomalata

Helping You Celebrate Your Special Moments
​Through Magic & Balloons

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Events & Gifts

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Helping You Celebrate Your Special Moments

March Gift - Magic Wand Invites

April Gift - 12 Amazing Tricks You Can do

May Gift - Party Games Printable

June Gift - Amazing Magic Tube Instructions

Don't worry if you are coming in late. You will receive links for all the free gifts that have been given so far.